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Tow Bar Electrical Kits in Exeter

Here at Britannia Towing Centre based in Exeter, we specialise in supplying and fitting high-quality tow bar electrical kits for all makes and models of vehicle. It is important for car owners to be aware that if their vehicle is still under warranty, they must have an electrical kit fitted when using a tow bar.

We ensure that all electrical kits fitted to our customers vehicles are of the highest quality, whilst maintaining affordability. Here at Britannia Towing Centre, we understand that having high quality, durable electrical kits are an important aspect for people that use their vehicle for towing. We believe that our customers deserve the best quality products at the best prices, so this is exactly what we supply the best electrical kits on the market.

Tow Bar Electrical Kit and Wiring Services

We specialise in fitting tow bar electrical kits. When installing an electrical kit to a tow bar, there are two different wiring options; Universal and Dedicated.

Universal wiring is the standard method used when fitting a towbar to a vehicle. It requires a simple method, and allows the lights to function on the towed trailer or caravan.

Dedicated wiring is a method that requires making the electrics specific to the vehicle make and model. This method has added benefits, unlike the universal wiring method. These benefits include; trailer stability control, suspension system, and ABS electronics.

Benefits of Electrical Towing Kits

Once fitted with an electrical towing kit, your vehicle can carry out multiple functions when towing. Your vehicle will be able to interact with the following different towing related systems;

  • Brake Electronics
  • Cooling systems within the vehicle
  • Parking Sensor Systems
  • Fog Light functions
  • Cruise Control
  • Built Failure Systems

Each of these interactions are vital in the safety of towing a trailer or vehicle. Our expert team will be more than happy to advise you on which would be the most suitable electrical system for your vehicle.

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